Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Opportunity is all around us

Opportunity is all around us

For me the ground is too close, the walls are too close, but the sky is endless. I think this is also true of opportunity. Opportunity is all around us if we can only see it; but many times we spend too much time looking at the walls and the ground and not enough time looking up to the open sky.

As this pertains to goal setting, you might find that you are hesitant to make large goals because of the limitations that are right around you. When you look up, you can see that the possibilities are endless and that the goals that you achieve in your life can be endless as well. To go up, you must look up.

If you want better health, more opportunities and greater prosperity in your life, stop looking around at the limitations next to you, and below you, and start looking up at the endless opportunities that really exist. You are an incredible being born into a time of limitless opportunity. Look up to see the vastness of opportunity and abundance that really surrounds you.

To your success,
David W. Woodruff, MSN, RN
President, Ed4Nurses, Inc.

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