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Location: Iraq (Kurdistan)
Closing date: 30 Jun 2008

Job Description
Main Task of all Paramedics is tquickly respond tall medical emergencies.

1. Duties:
- Responding tall medical emergencies.
- Assist and plan the medical aspect for evacuations
- Actively perform medical Evacuations
- Assists MDs and support members of the medical team.

2. Roles and responsibilities:
- 24 hour observation of critical care patients.
- Arranging all medications tbe needed for evacuations.
- The Paramedic will be responsible for availability of medical equipment required in evacuations.
- Administration of medications and follow up of patients.
- Reporting and evaluating patients’ medical condition and vital signs on a regular basis, and coordinating with doctors.
- Basic maintenance of medical equipment, and reporting any technical problems that may arise.

3 Specifications/ Qualifications ( Must be Western Qualified):
Paramedic should have the scientific background, professional skills and clinical experience in the following medical aspects:
- Emergency Medical Services
- Disaster Preparedness
- Basic EKG Interpretation
- Pre-Hospital Pharmacology
- Basic Trauma Life Support
- Care of the Ventilated Patient
- Clinical Assessment Skills
- First Aid
- Insertion and Care of Central Lines
- Major Incident / Disaster Management
- Shock
- Stroke Management
- Suturing
- Tracheostomy Care

4. Other Skills:
- Communications
- Flexibility
- Motivating People
- Presentation Skills
- Research Methods
- E-Learning
- IT Skills
- Ability to work under preassure
- Teaching & Learning Strategies and Time Management skills

Vacancies Contact
All applicants must have Excellent English Skills and Western Recognized Qualifications. Please e-mail Covering Letter and Detailed CV to

Reference Code: RW_7ERJC6-23

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