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Oncology Nurse

Oncology Nurse

Closing date: 31 Oct 2008
Location: Iraq - Baghdad


The purpose of the program is to contribute to the strengthening of medical staff‘s technical and managerial capacity and optimize patient outcomes through intensive on the job medical education and professional development.

The Oncology Nurse is required to help increase medical staff access to relevant and effective medical education and professional development nationally through face-to-face, hands-on practical trainings and relevant managerial training.

He/she will be required to support the overall training program in the respective field as well as work with the program leadership to ensure the development of a well trained and integrated clinical and managerial team of Iraqi professionals. This will include the development of a training program and materials and the delivery of the training to professionals in Iraq. Coupled with this, he/she will be required to support development of quality assurance policies and procedures and recommendations to the MOH on national quality standards for personnel and facilities. This may involve engaging the appropriate association and/or developing standards for licensing/credentialing and accreditation.

Duties and responsibilities
1. Curriculum development
2. Facilitation of meetings with MOH officials regarding the curriculum and ensuring final approval by the MOH
3. Development of training manuals and materials
4. Training delivery and oversight of on-the-job programs
5. Trainee evaluation
6. Conduct review of the current clinical specialty systems in place and draft national clinical improvement recommendations
7. Identify and assist medical specialty societies to establish 5 year specialty driven training program
8. Review current quality assurance programs and provide recommendations for improvement and institutionalization
9. Review current quality standards for personnel and facilities and provide recommendations for improvement related to licensing/credentialing and accreditation


(Training/education/experience/physical demands required; provide 6-8 requirements)
- The qualified candidate will be an Oncology Nurse professional with 10+ years clinical experience in providing oncology services
- Training experience of medical professionals is required
- Strong organizational and supervisory skills
- Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work within different cultural environments
- Honest, hard working and a self-motivated person
- Ability to work within a team structure or in isolation, flexible, and can cope with stressful workloads and working with limited resources
How to apply
Go to IMC website,
Reference Code: RW_7KAKKS-54

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