Monday, September 24, 2007

Several vacant potition

Dear all,

SOS have several vacant potition in our office.
So if you have collegues, friend and relatives, who might be intented
in filling one of the postition below, just submit resume to
or you can submit it to Head Recruitment Dept.
Add: Jl. Puri Sakti no 10, Cipete, Jaksel 12410.

  • Account Receiveable Supervisor
  • Alarm Centre Coordinator
  • Site Administrator
  • Head of Account Management
  • Bussines Development Management (Surabaya & Balikpapan)
  • Acount Management (Surabaya & Balikpapan)
  • Marketing Communication
  • Management Trainee (GMS/Site)
  • Doctor
  • Paramedic (GMS/Site)
  • Lab Technician (Surabaya & Jakarta)
  • Medical Record (Surabaya & Jakarta)
  • Xray Technician (Surabaya & Jakarta)
  • Ass. Pharmacy (Surabaya & Jakarta)
  • Ass. Dentist (Surabaya & Jakarta)

God Bless You,

(copied from a milist)

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